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Parenting through Love

This is an invitation to hold yourself sacred, embody your true essence, and stop hiding behind the busyness of life and work. It’s time to let the chaos of life go and ditch the inner stresses and societal norms that constrict your dreams, so you can start enjoying the journey with those you love most in the world!

It’s now time to release any of your own parenting experiences that don’t align with you and any remaining victimhood, so you can show up in your family and deeply connect with your loved ones without barriers or inner saboteurs that have the potential to derail your parenting journey. During our time together, you’ll attune to your deeply instinctual role as a nurturer for your children and co-create a family environment filled with love, compassion, and vibrant emotional connections!



Releasing old parenting patterns that are keeping you stuck in fight or flight mode, yelling, threatening or shutting out from kids and let’s shift into peaceful parenting mode where you create vibrant relationships with your children.


Falling in LOVE with your children like never before as you relax into deep listening + observation + validation to empower your little ones, so they can grow into emotionally healthy adults with strong communication mojo.


Feeling grounded, peaceful, and calm with your children despite how they respond. Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to more fun and play with your children. 


Embody radical self-love and deeply honour your boundaries, so you can parent from the overflow of love rather than from a place of lack and resentment. 

I’m reaching my hand out, you don’t have to keep suffering and you don’t have to do this alone. Parenting in the modern world isn’t always easy, but when you deeply activate your parenting power…everything changes.


I’ll share a bit more about the program below.

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    Inside of the 6 months LIVE soul-filled parenting transformation journey mothers just like you shift from feeling burnt out and exhausted into lit up, present and beautiful parents with the time, energy, and attention they’ve always truly wanted for their children and families — no crazy calendars, tracking, and over-analyzing your ‘failures’ required.

    Each month you will get:

    1x 60min LIVE Parenting Masterclass

    1 x 45 min One-on-one session

    1 x 60min Q&A Group Session

    Private Facebook group support

    Module 1:
    Increase empathic awareness of self and child

    Establish a solid foundation of empathy and compassion for self so you can become the empowered nurturer for your children, have strong heart-to-heart connections that grow coherent brains and compassionate children. Value $1000

    Module 2:
    Clarify attachment and bonding

    Learn how to apply knowledge of epigenetics, neuroscience and neuroplasticity to strengthen your instinctual psychological umbilical cord for secure attachment with your children that grounds your role as their home for safety, stability, strength and unconditional love. Value $1000

    Module 3:
    How our own childhood experiences affect our ability to raise our children

    Release old parenting patterns and beliefs that keep sabotaging your peace and joy in parenting your own children and learn how to actively make conscious decisions towards parenting through love regardless of your ACEs (adverse childhood experience) score.  Value $1000

    Module 4:
    Raising emotionally healthy children

    Bully-proof your kids and activate resilient joy in your family as you equip your kids with the tools they need to understand their own emotions, express themselves, and get what they need in life, school, and relationships. Value $1000

    Module 5:
    Conscious and peaceful communication

    Attentive, kind interactions, deep listening and openness between parent and child develop the mutual trust needed to establish deep emotional connection, and set clear and respectful boundaries. Value $1000

    Module 6:
    Mindfulness and ascension into parenting journey

    Implement mindfulness, meditation and soul-filled practises into your everyday family life that will create a legacy of love and respect and spiritual growth for your children, and therefore prepare and launch your children into BEing compassionate leaders in a more peaceful world. Value $1000


    Bonus 1: Love-fuelled Mama meditation 15 min
    Bonus 2: 6x monthly power mantras

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    Get ready to transform your parenting journey through love, compassion and grace!!!



    So much love and light, xo Ina

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