The Awakened Mother


An 8-week sacred immersion to end the cycle of pain that’s poisoning your relationships and health and unleash a fully present, lit up, and joyful woman, mother, and partner.

It’s time to release your victimhood, so you can show up in your marriage and life and be deeply connected with your loved ones. During the Awakened Mother, you’ll attune to your instinctual role as a nurturer for your children and create a lasting bond while releasing the anguish that’s overwhelming all areas of your life!


This divine journey of awakening starts with your relationship with yourself.

Parenting has nothing to do with the children and everything to do with owning your triggers.

This is your invitation to hold yourself sacred, embody your true essence, and stop hiding behind guilt and work. It’s time to let the chaos of a busy life go, so you can start enjoying the journey with those you love most in the world.



The Awakened Mother is about practicing self-care and reigniting self-love. This then spreads into being an awakened lover, friend, leader, and partner. But it always starts with YOU.

This juicy immersion one-on-one will help you get your groove back and

feel connected and in tune with your SPIRIT.

Ditch anxiety and low self-esteem, and shift into a confident Queen who commands her work realm by speaking her truth and setting healthy boundaries—unapologetically
Find fun and joy in your daily family life as you drop the stress and overwhelm from your schedule. Shift from feeling frazzled and frustrated with your children and into an inner space of deep joy, peace, and happiness which will keep you smiling even in the face of a toddler’s tantrums
Remove the guilt from wanting time for yourself, and shift into a confident mama who enjoys the things that light up and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit
Create deep emotional connections to truly love being a mama instead of finding it a chore!
Release old parenting patterns that are keeping you stuck in fight or flight mode, and shift into peaceful parenting mode where you create harmonious and vibrant relationships with your children
Embody radical self-love and deeply honour your boundaries, so you can parent from the overflow of love rather than from a place of lack and resentment
Break free of the chains keeping you trapped in living small, and step into being a powerful creatrix who attracts limitless opportunities, experiences, and abundance. The work we do will extend beyond motherhood!
Feel grounded, peaceful, and calm with your children despite how they respond. Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to more fun and play with your children
Fall in LOVE with your children like never before as you relax into deep listening + observation + validation to empower your little ones, so they can grow into emotionally healthy adults with strong communication mojo
Experience deep nourishment and inspiration with your ever-evolving children, so you sustain the energy to be their nurturer unconditionally and judgment-free
Breakup with the story that you’re just a mother with nothing to offer the world, and ascend into a woman who feels clear and confident to create, birth, and express her own desires and dreams

What you get:

  • 1 x 90-minute breakthrough session.
  • 7 x 60 minute Sacred Mother Soul Sessions to heal the past, release the karmic pain, and claim your power as a woman, mother, and lover.
  • 4 x 15-minute phone/message check-ins for deep support.

Why work with me:

If you’re like most mothers you are carrying a lot of body shame, negative self talk, people pleasing good girl syndrome and all this has lead you to feeling burnt out, exhausted, disconnected from yourself, hubby and children, and feeling just OVER IT! Let’s be honest, you can’t do this on your own any more. You need help, love and support.

I know divine woman because I have been there. For years I carried a deep inner conflict in what I wanted to do as a mother and what society, doctors, friends, the family expected me to do and be as a woman. I was exhausted, over it and resented motherhood.

After the loss of my child, all of this changed.


I no longer pretend, hide and ignore my truth and now live in the vibration of deep love and reverence for my body and proudly claim – “this is my body, my house, and my rules! Don’t like it, see you later.” I feel so LIBERATED. I ditched the story motherhood was hardship and claimed a new story where motherhood is pleasurable, joyful, full of laughter, healing, energizing and most of all FUN!


And it can be for you too divine mamma.

This is a sacred invitation for you STOP wasting away in exhaustion, hardship and trying to figure it all out yourself. It’s time to open yourself to some serious femme power, guidance and support and heal your soul without the necessary struggle and suffering. 

Here’s how I’m different from other healers. I am not only a healer but a mother to 3 divine children and 1 in heaven, Shamanic priestess and women’s health advocate. I will help you fall in LOVE with your body, mind and spirit and journey into a whole new reality where you feel deeply grounded, supported, nourished, and in love with yourself, your husband and children. I will laser in and release the old stories, patterns and childhood wounding keeping you stuck in a vicious cycle of victimhood. I will help you to fall head over heels in love with motherhood, be a positive role model for your children and claim your right to feel sexy, alive, lit up, and gorgeous in your own skin. You will come alive with pleasure, joy, and magic as you learn to beat the drum of your own sacred body and truth.

Your children and the world are waiting for you to be the light, bright, loving, energized,

nurturing Goddess mamma you know you truly are.

What other mother’s are saying about working with Ina:

Testimonial – From Josee B:

“Her personal high enthusiasm and energy around parenting seem effortless. She holds no judgment on any other parenting style or opinion and will let you know of her views/opinion in a very respectful way..To see her interact with her children is to really understand love in action. She is living it. I admire her patience, wits, dedication.”

Testimonial – From Michelle D:

“She took a defeated feeling in me and lifted me up and gave me hope and allowed me to release a ton of tension!!”

Testimonial – Andrea L:

“I would just like to say that I have known Ina for only about a month and she has helped to create peace in my family unit. She has openly helped me navigate through big topics that would have been very uncomfortable. So blessed.”

Testimonial – From Tanja J:

“You were able to tune in to a long-standing father wound that I have worked on in the past but you brought forward a new piece that I hadn’t thought about until in that way before. I cried and released and you beautiful held the space for me to deeply feel into it and forgive it. 

It was a Graceful, gentle and yet incredibly powerful working with you! The pieces we uncovered to support my children were amazing and the synchronistic effects with them have been huge!”

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