Ina Avote

is a leading women’s empowerment guide, parenting educator, and family facilitator through love.

She is a sought after baby whisperer, fertility and birth doula, soul-filled mama bear, and the biggest cheerleader in your parenting journey.

Ina has served clients worldwide for over 10 years, in one-on-one client sessions, hands-on workshops, mothering support groups, and heart-filled masterclasses. She has helped over 100 parents to access their deep instinctual mothering/fathering wisdom and moves forward in heart-mind rhythm to raise confident and vibrant children with ease, love, and grace.

Not Every Healer:

  • has run a successful organic daycare for over 8 years where the children blossom with joy and love through divine care.
  • is a Certified Attachment Parenting educator and babywearing guru who has the experience and knowledge to guide parents into building nurturing connections with their little ones.
  • has 5 years+ as a professional birth doula, helping women to have empowered orgasmic births.
  • works every day with mothers to heal and release body shame, guilt, pain and anxiety around their bodies and being a mother through the power of shamanic light energy healing and meditation.
  • teaches yoga and mindful living for women⁠—mothers, grandmothers, single ladies⁠—so they feel good, lit-up and luscious in their own skin.
  • runs a sacred fertility circle to help women fall pregnant with divine ease, joy, and pleasure.

Ina is most happy…

to be in nature, laughing and dancing with her children, family and friends. She is a happy and proud mama of 3, Noah, Elouise and Liam, and grateful to be married to her true soulmate, Travis. This alone once seemed unattainable and impossible, yet miracles do come true!!!

Her volunteer…

work at the women’s centre and collaboration with holistic health practitioners for over 10 years have activated the growth of a strong and rich community. Ina thrives to live in alignment with the seasons of nature and with the deepest gratitude for what life unfolds in the present NOW.

What others are saying about the Ina…

Testimonial – From Josee B:

“Her personal high enthusiasm and energy around parenting seem effortless. She holds no judgment on any other parenting style or opinion and will let you know of her views/opinion in a very respectful way..To see her interact with her children is to really understand love in action. She is living it. I admire her patience, wits, dedication.”

Testimonial – From Tanja J:

“You were able to tune in to a long-standing father wound that I have worked on in the past but you brought forward a new piece that I hadn’t thought about until in that way before. I cried and released and you beautiful held the space for me to deeply feel into it and forgive it. 

It was a Graceful, gentle and yet incredibly powerful working with you! The pieces we uncovered to support my children were amazing and the synchronistic effects with them have been huge!”

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