is a journey of learning, healing and empowering ourselves while raising happy and healthy children. The foundation to co-creating vibrant relationships, deep emotional connection and nurturing support for parenting is achieved through abundant love, compassion and Divine grace.


This is your invitation to hold yourself sacred, embody your true essence, and stop hiding behind busyness and guilt. It’s time to let the chaos of a busy life go, so you can start enjoying the journey with those you love most in the world.

Raising happy and resilient children is a great responsibility.
I am here to share what and how has worked for our family and to guide you with heaps of support, light, and much much love.

Parenting is a journey, always evolving, always expanding, and our children are also always evolving, and always growing.

Spiritual Ascension with Children

A 12 weeks LIVE soul-filled journey to healing, connecting and co-creating sacred spiritual practices with your children. An uplifting, rejuvenating and most supported work to help you release the pressure of all shoulds, coulds, woulds and everyday stress of parenting and shift into BEING abundant, joyful and spiritually nourished through love and Divine grace.

Awakened Mother

An 8 week sacred immersion to end the cycle of pain that’s poisoning your relationships and health and unleash a fully present, lit up, and joyful woman, mother, and partner.

I am here to help!

I am here to help you release old parenting patterns that are keeping you stuck in fight or flight mode, and shift into peaceful parenting mode where you create harmonious and vibrant relationships with your children with EASE, COMPASSION and experience unlimited SUPPORT, guidance and goodness!!

Ina Avote is a leading family facilitator, women’s empowerment guide, and parenting educator through love.


A sought after baby whisperer, fertility and birth doula,
soul-filled mama bear, and the biggest cheerleader in your parenting journey.

Praise from other mothers…

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